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5th-Feb-2013 12:40 pm - Moving time
Well I've moved again, got a nice place in Coraopolis, PA. Its weird to live in an apartment so far, mostly hearing people using the stairs in another part of the building and such. I have noticed I need a few things and figured I'd put a list out there so I don't forget it.

things I still need to move:
  • ramps
  • printer
  • card table
  • fishing gear

things I need to get:
  • washing machine
  • mop
  • some sort of plastic/metal shelves for the basement
5th-Sep-2011 10:52 am - It's been interesting lately
I really should post here more.  Let's see what's been goign on... Lots of work, platning and running AU( we've got T-Shirts now even! I've been hanging out w/ eviljess and her new dog, Lady.
16th-Aug-2011 03:18 pm - iPhone vs Blackberry
Things I like about the iPhone better
  • Browser
  • Facebook app
  • camera
  • app store

Things I like better on Blackberry
  • email
  • BBM
  • native IM clients
18th-Jun-2011 10:30 am - Fitting...
17th-Dec-2010 02:26 pm - Holidays and more

I can’t believe that Christmas is next weekend! I’m not ready at all, though I am more prepared for what happens the week after when Jess moves out, I’ve got the utilities set up and ready for me to take them over. heh Maybe my house will become the family man-cave or something. I want to get a LAN party planned for next month too who’s game? (if you comment anonymously please put your name on it or sign in w/ open id ;))

9th-Dec-2010 09:10 am - wow

I remember when this site was hopping, and my friends updated all the time. It’s amazing what Facebook, twitter and even myspace did to kill LJ back a bit. That and much nicer blogs and themes from other sites. Oh well it’s nice to have a space to work in and it’s easier not to move it to anther platform really.


I should write here more though. It was nice looking back over the stuff I had posted  in the past when I set out my gmail account in outlook on the laptop lol.

2nd-Dec-2010 02:14 pm - Things I am going to need:

With eviljess moving out I am going to need to get a few things, plus some things that have arisen at random times when I am thinking:

  • A Larger Crockpot
  • A Couch
  • Table and Chairs
  • A Washing Machine
  • and likely more things too
22nd-Nov-2010 10:16 pm - The New Job

Wow work is dead tonight, maybe it’ll pick up some when it’s just me and Scott at night as opposed to me, Scott and Matt. We’ll see. thought I am liking the new job so far, adjusting to nights is a pain though. Well back to work.

22nd-Nov-2010 01:01 pm - nostalgia
I set up my gmail account in outlook on this laptop and am not even to current mail yet, but it was fun seeing mail from all the years I've had it come down a lot to think on and remember.
10th-Jun-2010 07:59 am - Bleh
bad day so far...
Crazy nightmare @ 2am, not able to get back to sleep in my bed
still feeling exhausted and dizzy as I have the last few days
rescheduled my interview
let Jess drive to work, and she got a flat
need to get a ride to the car to fix it
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